We specialize in the manufacture of quality wood mouldings at affordable prices.  All orders are welcome no matter how large or small. With over 10,000 moulding patterns to choose from in any species of wood, short lead times and no minimum order size, we offer outstanding service as well. We do all of this while offering exceptional pricing. We are also happy to deliver your mouldings throughout New England and we ship throughout the U.S.


Custom Mouldings

Come and see what we are known for, wood mouldings. View or download our collection of over 4,000 moulding profiles.


Curved and flexible trim

We can supply curved wood mouldings to match profiles for round top and elliptical openings or curved wall applications. We also supply flexible trim to match our profiles at competitive pricing.


carved and embossed mouldings

We can competitively price all of your carved and embossed moulding needs.


Custom Mouldings


We can honestly say that we produce the finest wood mouldings. Our slower feed rates (16-20 knife cuts per inch) and sharp knives ensure crisp details and a high quality surface finish.
Unlike typical Pine mouldings that are intentionally milled with rounded edges, the crisp details of our mouldings can transform your project. From coves to beads every detail is considered. We also produce new tooling in house for reproduction. We are happy to deliver your mouldings throughout New England and we ship throughout the U. S.

Custom Mouldings

  • We have over 4000 moulding profiles
  • Custom mouldings run 1-2 weeks
  • Mouldings run in any Hardwood or Softwood


Curved Mouldings & Flexible Trim


We can supply wood curved mouldings for interior or exterior applications and replicate any moulding profile. From massive exterior crown mouldings sweeping up the gable end of the roof to simple half round casings for the windows on your project we can match it.  We also source flexible curves to match our moldings and can curve PVC for more durable lasting exterior trim details. Contact us today for a quote on your next radius project.

We deliver curves through-out New England and ship throughout the U.S.

Curved Mouldings & Flexible Trim

  • Arched,round, & Elliptical curved mouldings
  • Interior or Exterior mouldings
  • True radius or elliptical mouldings
  • Tooling to match any moulding profile

Carved & embossed mouldings


Main Street Millwork sells carved onlays and lineal footage of machine carved and embossed mouldings and trim. Whether it's a rope moulding, egg & dart crown, or dentil insert we can source the perfect trim for your project. We can source carved corbels, knobs, medallions, fineals, keys, rosettes, and more. Please call us for your decorative trim and moulding needs.